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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 24, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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good evening. i'm dan ashley. a man in charge of community safety at uc santa cruz is charged with putting others at risk. police arrested this man yesterday morning. they say he is the mastermind of a heist that has been in the works for months. when they searched his home,
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they found 48 weapons, also 50,000 rounds of ammunition. some of it was armor piercing. he's charged with conspiracy to commit grand theft. he's being held on bail of half a million dollars tonight. your safety could be in jeopardy if you rely on car services at oakland international airport. abc 7 news learned that limousines without valid permits are listed on the airport's website. in other words, these limos are operating without state approval but with the perceived endorsement of the airport. abc 7 news reporter vic lee with a story you'll see only on abc 7. >> what if i were to tell you that 13% of all the limos here have no permits? >> my goodness. that's not right. >> rose cribs is correct, it's not right. what we told her is true. 13% of limousine services listed on the oakland airport website have no valid operating permits.
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ten of the 80 companies have had their permits revoked, suspended or denied by the state public utilities commission. the agency that regulates limousines. coincidentally just yesterday, a multiagency strike force led by the chp launched the surprise sting here. they targeted limousines, and buses. inspectors found 29 vehicles were operating with no airport permits. on the airport website, two limo firms had their permits yanked as far back as three years ago. what's more, the names of more than half the limo firms on the web don't even match the names on the permit registry. they're abbreviated, misspelled or missing words. we called most of the delinquent companies, none agreed to talk on camera. many said they were no longer in business. the person who answered for this limo admitted he was behind on taxes. airport officials declined our request for an interview.
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but airport travelers we spoke with were surprised when we showed them what we discovered. >> because they are on the airport's website. so that kind much indicates to you that they're a reputable company. that they suggest that you use those companies. >> i would assume that they would have been approved by the airport. i would think they would be up to standards. >> as we said, the airport declined our request for an interview. late today, they did send us a written response which reads "the airport is currently in the process of reviewing and verifying the permitting for all ground transportation services at the airport." it says "we will take all appropriate actions for any noncompliant ground transport services." vic lee. the district attorney's office of santa clara county says no chashlgs will be filed against this woman. witnesses say she placed orange juice bottles in a display case
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with ones taken from her bag, switched them. it shows they contained rubbing alcohol which can be lethal if ingested. follow-up tests show they contained vinegar not considered to be harmful so she won't be charged. cal fire is issuing a warning about the weekend. something underscored by this fire today in hercules. dry conditions. there is an increased threat of wildfires. abc 7 news reporter was at the grassfire in hercules which ultimately damaged three homes. >> a grassfire off highway 4 in hercules destroyed this backyard deck and the fences behind these homes. a viewer e-mailed us this picture. it shows how the fire quickly made its way up the hill. >> very fast. it was uphill run with a wind behind it. it goes quickly once things dry out. >> they came home early from
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work to find the fire pro decks district in his backyard. >> i've never had any problems. been here 5 1/2 years. house is still standing. >> california had one. driest winters on record and on any given year by late may, cal fire responds to about 850 wildfires. but already firefighters are have tackled 1600. >> we didn't have any rain. january, february, march, we had very little rainfall. what rain we had, they were in small spurts. >> this memorial day weekend, fire departments are reminding people to be extra careful in the outdoors. >> they need to be aware of their surroundings and not discard cigarettes. when the weather warms up, not to have barbecues, use lawnmowers and such and situational awareness at all times. >> some fire departments like this one near the oakland hills have equipped their trucks with the necessary wildfire gear. that's something they usually do
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in mid-june. we usually get fires on april hot and windy day, but i can tell you today was not a hot day. this tells you things out here are very dry. hercules lee an m >> a man described as medically fragile is missing. shawn seed i was last seen in stand fr san francisco. et cetera 5'5" with a slight build, he was wearing blue jeans, black canvas shoes and a hooded black and gray rain jacket when he disappeared. police say that a young man hit and kimd by a garbage truck in san francisco yesterday had just moved to the city. dylan mitchell was 21 years old. he was a wrestler at clayton valley high school. he's wearing white there. his aunt said he moved here for an electrician's apprenticeship.
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dylan was not wearing a helmet. students at walnut creek's high school are stunned and saddened because a popular wrestler had died from a brain aneurysm. he had only lived in the bay area a couple of years. as abc 7 news reporter explains, boy, he made a lasting impression on a lot of people. >> a myrrh, he was a great person. >> the high school student who died tuesday after an aneurysm caused irreparable brain damage. >> everybody knew him. he was such a kind-hearted person. he would give the shirt off his back to i complete stranger. he was that kind of guy. >> at loss local as, counselors were on hand and they signed a banner with remembrances and placed flowers around campus for the popular 18-year-old. who moved from uzbekistan to
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walnut creek two years ago. he is survived about his parents and two younger brothers. he made friend easily and excelled as a 126-pound wrestler. winning the foothill athletic league championship in his weight class this year. >> he was a nice boy. he was passionate about learning english, very dedicated about learning english. also. at the same time he was a great wrestler. he loved wrestling. whether he was wrestling or in the classroom, he was doing what he could do to be successful. >> a memorial dinner getting under way at the islamic center at clayton road in concorde. collection under way for his family. that information can be found on abc 7 under see it on tv. in concord, laura anthony, abc 7 news. much more ahead this friday night. the washington state bridge collapse. we have video of the moment it
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collapsed. plus, new questions about the safety of bridges here in the bay area. also -- >> someone somewhere is likely building a profile on you. i'm michael finney. ahead on 7 on your side, we'll showit being done. >> i'm spencer christian in the weather center. looks like we'll be partly sunny and partly showery. i'll show you which part is which in my accuweather forecast next. >> thank you spencer. nasa's top guy is in mountain view. view. the new technology scient [ male announcer ] we gave the new e-class some of the most advanced driver systems ever made. stereoscopic vision... distronic plus braking... lane keeping and steering assist... eleven enhanced systems in all. ♪ twelve, counting your adrenaline system.
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24 it hours ago we were among the first newscasts in the country to show you pictures of the bridge collapse in washington state, north of seattle. tonight you'll hear from two of the drivers dumped into the chilly water. they're blaming the driver of a truck for the whole thing and not the structure of the bridge for that collapse in washington state. tonight, surveillance video shows the moment it collapsed. abc news reporter neal carlkarly
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explains what happened. >> investigators are trying to understand how a chunk of a bridge 70,000 vehicles cross every day could suddenly collapse sending two cars plummeting into the icy waters of washington's skagit river. >> i watched this explosion in front of my eyes and all of a sudden there's no road to drive on anymore. >> 20-year-old brice kenning seen here on top of his sinking car last night spent today drying out his wet clothes after walking away from what seemed certain death. he was headed northbound going 60 miles per hour when he says the bridge vanished in a plume of dust. >> i launched off that thing. >> you launched? >> oh, yeah. and straight nosedive into the water. >> after surviving the impact, he was afraid he would drown. >> car immediately starts filling with water. that was the point where, you know, i kind of thought i might be a goner. that might be it for me. >> dan sly and his wife had been headed southbound at the same time. he dislocated his shoulder on
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impact. >> i couldn't see my wife in the passenger seat. i asked her if she was okay. she wasn't responding. popped my shoulder back in so i could unbuckle everything and get to her. >> this isn't the first bridge to fail with terrifying results. the 2008 collapse of the minneapolis i-35 bridge killed 13 people and in 2009 cracks and corrosion on a boston bridge sent rocks raining down on a woman's windshield. investigators hearsay a semi truck carrying an over-sized load gashed through a steel beam and likely triggered this collapse. but the bridge is old, too, built in 1955 with a pile of mediocre infrastructure rankings and recent repairs. neal karlinsky, abc news, mt. vernon, washington. uc berkeley engineer says the bridge is fracture critical. if one thing fails, the whole thing collapses. he says the same flaw exists in
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the bay bridge. the story from transportation reporter heatherish march u. >> the i-5 skagit bridge is a truss bridge built in 1955. uc berkeley engineering professor says the 150-foot section collapsed because it was fracture critical. that means if one piece of it fails, the whole thing goes. not all truss bridges are fracture critical. and it's not necessarily because it was built in the 1950s, though the professor says it was harder to design in redundancies or backup systems with a slide rule. he says there are probably a couple hundred fracture critical bridges in california, including the old car keen is, the richmond san raffaele and the suspension span of the new bay bridge has fracture critical features. coincidentally, at four locations where suspect bolts are located. but cal tran says there are redundancies in place. >> you will be shocked to hear that we don't design fracture
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critical bridges. we try not to. but our new self-anchor suspension bridge is fracture critical. >> i would say that is not accurate. there is significant redundancy built into the design of this bridge and that's not how this bridge will operate. >> the american society of civil engineers calculates if we were to do all of the required retrofitting for our nation's infrastructure by 2020, it would cost $3.6 trillion. at treasure island, heatherish ma rue, abc 7 news. can you imagine. that's an enormous amount of money. spencer is here to talk about the weather. it's still strange and cool out there. >> it was a perfect lead-in to the weather. there's a lot of redundancy. the last few days have been alike. cool, breezy, temperatures below average. that's what we have now and clear skies as we look at live doppler 7 hd. it's clear and breezy now.
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a great look at the roof from the high definition roof. looking along the embarcadero. temperatures 52 degrees in san francisco. san jose, 55. 50 at half-moon bay. another v the high definition east bay camera. looking towards at&t park, clear skies and we've got 56 degrees now at santa rosa, 55 in napa. 59 -- liver more 53. at the golden gate bridge, traffic flowing freely under clear skies. these are the forecast features. sunny and breezy tomorrow. patchy morning drizzle on sunday. it will be spotty. not widespread. there's a chance of light showers or light rain on memorial day. let's give you a look at the satellite image to see what's coming our way. high pressure in croyle. we have an active storm track. well out to satisfy. riding the jet stream moving generally in our direction, this is the system that may bring us rain on monday, memorial day. 11:00 tonight.
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high pressure keeps us mainly sunny and dry tomorrow. as that cold front approaches early monday morning, we'll see lots of clouds around memorial day morning about 10:00 or so. later in the day, as the front moves farther south, say, by 5:00 p.m. or so, perhaps earlier, we could see some light rain moving through the bay area. we don't think the entire bay area will be wet. we don't expect drenching rainfall. but there could be wet spots nonetheless. overnight, mainly clear skies but a few areas of low clouds may form overnight. it will be breezy and pleasantly cool with lows ranging from upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow we'll see mainly sunny skies by afternoon. high temperatures in the south bay right around or just above 70 degrees. 71 at san jose, 73 in morgan hill. on the peninsula, mid to upper 60s. 64 at san mateo. on the coast, breezy, cool, 58 at half-moon bay. in and around san francisco, highs tomorrow of 58. in the sunset district, 62
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degrees downtown. milder in the north bay where we'll see low 70s. 72 in cal stowing a. on the east bay, highs of 65 at berkeley. 66 at hayward. 69 at fremont. in the inland east bay, warming up more than today. upper 70s at fairfield, antioch and brentwood. here's the seven-day forecast. it will be cloudier on sunday. and a lot cloudier and cooler on monday with highs on memorial day in the mid to upper 60s around the bay and inland. and there's that slightn. hance of early morning lingering showers on tuesday. most of the remainder of the week will be dry. sunnier and warmer towards the end of the week. >> 60s and 70s this close to june. that's unusual. >> it is a little weird. coming up, a new safety suggestion for the america's cup competition as we continue an exclusive sail along on san francisco bay. you'll go out on the water. plus, how 61 cents from your
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pocket could add
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california would treat electronic cigarettes like any other tobacco product by a bill approved by the state senate today. it would fall under the smoke-free laws. state senator ellen corbett from hayward says some of the vapors from e-cigarettes may pose health risks, something the manufacturers say is not true. the bill now heads to the assembly. days after purchasing the blogging sight tumblr. yahoo put in a bid to buy hulu.
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some experts say it would be worth as much as $2 billion. last year, hulu generated about $700 million in revenue. the five-year-old company has about 4 million users. if you have at&tiress service, check your bill. at&t has added a new 61-cent administrative fee to its wireless plans. at&t says it is needed to help cover expenses. the company has more than 70 million subscribers, keep in mind. so at&t is set to make half a billion dollars in new revenue. 61 cents at a time. america's cup organizers are cutting the number of racing days in july and they're looking at moving up the daily start times. it's part of an effort to make the race safer after that deadly crash on the bay two weeks ago. abc 7 news reporter mark matthews went out on the water today with the sailors. >> a typical day on the bay until 1:00. at noon, it was just enough wind to get the emirates team new
9:25 pm
zealand yacht up. both hulls out of the water. >> achieve a better performance. >> you can see it when the boat is out of the water. it's a dagger board bent at a 90-degree angle to cut through the water like a wing. the faster you go, the more lift you get. it greatly reduces the amount of drag. >> pretty well -- >> even though the boat is skimming along on a few square feet of hydrofoil, it's relatively stable. that's not the end of it. >> because there's a straight trade to speed. you can incredibly stable. >> on practice days, they're working to hit target speeds. they're trained to sail in higher winds. the managing director says he's felt all along that 33 knots was way too much. >> you can't even get the wing up. we tried. smacked into a building. >> as the organizers are
9:26 pm
contemplating that there's another problem. the wind may be too low for the new zealand team boat to perform at its peak. >> one of our worries if the time of the racing got changed, changing the wind speed, it really does come in about 1:00. >> it was not sustaining that true the turns. they hope it's not set in stone this early in the competition. he wants a reliable start time for television broadcasts. at noon, 1:00 appears to be the new target. for now, new zealand hopes there's an agreement. >> come together and agree on certain things. we'll be arguing until next year. >> grant dalton smiled when he said that. i doubt that he's happy about the suggestion that the racing start at noon. working in television, i do get larry ellison's desire for reliable television start time. that's why the sailor picked 1:00 and not noon.
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1:00. that's when the wind comes in, in san francisco, mark matthews, abc news 7 news. in flight emergency. jumbo jet on fire, smoke streaming from the engine and an emergency landing. all caught on tape. plus -- >> police have lost mortgages, seniors have been scammed. >> 7 on your side's michael finney looks into big data and the people who are watching your every key stroke. also, call it crime and punishment. coming up, the mugger who gets his
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it doesn't take a psychic to predict what you're likely to buy, whether you'll repay a loan
9:31 pm
or if you have a health condition. someone somewhere is compiling your profile right now as we speak. and usually without your knowledge or your consent either. 7 on your side's michael finney tonight with more on data mining. >> retailers may assume you're pregnant or trying to get pregnant by what you buy. law enforcement may pryou as a potential criminal. health insurance companies may decide if you're a good risk to insure. >> there's more information than ever in the world and we can do things with it that we never could before. >> kenneth is author of big data. a revolution that will transform how we live, work and think. he says when we use a loyalty card to buy something, our purchase history is built up. when we do an online search, that information is stored. and when we surf the internet, data is compiled about our interests and activities. that information is used to determine the likelihood of what we might do in the future.
9:32 pm
he warns, profiles, even based on the -- are still only predictions. >> they could rightly say that in fact, there's no guarantee that we would act on the way that we might even if the algorithm says we have a 98% likelihood of, say, shoplifting or being an unwed teen mother or not repaying a loan or not surviving a surgery an therefore, being denied an operation. >> that has some consumers concerned. >> when they start divulging information about how i live, where i live, what i buy and they make that information public, then that's an invasion of my privacy. >> richard is sogarded about his privacy, he asked us not to use his full name. he's especially concerned about online data brokers like spokia that use public information to gather information about us and publish it online. >> all that information together provides a much more in-depth profile of you than just a simple google of your name.
9:33 pm
>> anyone can access it and get that information for free and more detailed information if they're willing to pay for it. >> nicole oweser is with the american civil liberties union. >> data brokers know your home address, they know your age, they know who your family members are, your parents, your siblings, your children. maybe your aunts and uncles. >> she tells us the service provided is not as sinister as some describe. it declined an on-camera interview, but by e-mail told us, we have built our business around the notion of transparency and dem okay rah advertising data. making the same data used by large corporations for multiple business purposes available to individuals to help them connect with others. >> you know, we've seen real examples in the past few years about people's credit being ruined by false information in data broker reports. people have lost mortgages,
9:34 pm
seniors have been scammed. >> they believe profiling is not necessarily a bad thing if used in positive ways. since he sees nothing wrong with sending consumers targeted ads or making social services available to certain demographics. but he's concerned about i am packing individuals in a negative way. >> in the past, we've never had a situation whereby we could be penalized prior to acting. in this instance we can. >> it would allow consumers to request from a company any information that's been collected about them. the bill would also force companies to tell consumers how they share that information. it's called the right to know act. the tech industry is strongly opposed to it. the industry group, tech america, told us we have some very real concerns that several of its provisions are unworkable from a compliance standpoint for tech companies. placing excessive and i am pack at this cal requirements on
9:35 pm
companies that will inevitably lead to litigation will jeopardize the innovative and responsive nature of our industry that consumers have come to expect. >> it's our personal information and we should have a right to know what's happening to it. >> the bill has been pulled from this legislative session and i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. a scare in the air tonight as passengers on board a british airways flight saw an engine on fire, forced an emergency landing. reporter nick shif rinne explains what happened. >> right after takeoff, a harrowing sight. flight 762's engine was on fire. it suffered a major technical fault and was struck by birds. inside the cabin, john chaplain looked out his window. the left engine flap had blown off. >> loud boom and then there was orange colors filling the cabin. that was quite scary. >> the right engine consumed by flame now useless. >> did your heart skip a few
9:36 pm
beats? >> yes. you get that feeling and wonder if this is your moment. >> the pilot flew low back to the airport when he landed safely. but then they had to evacuate. he slid out an emergency exit, hands trembling so much he could barely hold his camera steady. people stirring up as we got off the plane on the grass and they're crying and hysterics. >> he can't forget the moment when he tried to call his wife. >> i was thinking back to the folks of 9/11 and how moving some of those messages were. i wondered if i would be the one leaving a message. >> john told me he'll toast the pilot because it could have been so much worse. nick shif rinne, abc news at heathrow airport. meantime, british security officials believe the sudden scare on a flight from pakistan to the uk was not terror-related. military fighter jets intercepted the plane after two passengers moved toward the jet's cockpit.
9:37 pm
police arrested the citizens when the jet landed at the airport outside london. 297 people were on board. so far police have found no suspicious items. the uk remains on a heightened terror alert because of the deadly attack on a soldier earlier in london this week. the man hacked to death. five climbers are missing and feared dead on the world's third highest mountain. bad weather is hampering the search and preventing a rescue helicopter from getting to them. it is believed they were descending from the summit when they slipped at 25,000 feet. two climbers are hungarian, two are nep alese and one -- >> he had stolen a woman's cell phone at a bus station. when he tried to get away, the robber ways hit by a bus and then fell. the woman he tried to rob, once she recovered her phone, she helped her attacker out from under the bus.
9:38 pm
can you imagine? just ahead tonight, the future of the nasa aims research lab in mountainview. x
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ongoing budget battles in washington are impacting the nasa aims research center near mountainview. programs have been cut but there is an upside to the funding shortage. business and technology reporter david louie explains the innovation taking place as a result. >> the labs at nasa aims aren't the most modern. even the director admits they need rehab. tight budgets put maintenance on hold. former astronaut charles bolden is on a west coast facilities tour and the sequester is on his
9:42 pm
mind. >> if we stay under sequester and the president and the congress are not able to come together and do what's absolutely necessary for the nation and solve the sequester problem, all bets are off. >> however, nasa aims is moving ahead had. trying to do more with less. one area is advanced manufacturing. south bay congressman mike honda on the house appropriations committee joined bolden to learn how nasa launched three small satellites powered by cell phones. in time, that could save millions of dollars. >> these young people can think it through and say why not put it up there and utilize what it is that we understand into space. >> nasa aims is harnessing 3d printer technology, making parts and components for space missions out of tiny droplets of plastic. >> they're going to be putting the first 3d printer up in space. you can imagine astronauts needing tools to make something to sort of debug a broken application and they can print right then and there. >> the initiatives are why
9:43 pm
administrator bolden thinks nasa aims and the team won't be on the chopping block. >> aims has unique capability. so i don't envision that there is any threat to the existence, future existence of the aims research center. >> still the $17.7 billion budget requested for next year is not a given. >> all government funded agencies are having a tough time with it tight budgets. with this tour today, it's hopeful that an elected official and the administrator of nasa will be convinced what they do here is extremely important. at nasa aims research center, david louie, abc 7 news. up next on abc 7 news at 9, k-mart's bold new ad. it's funny enough to go viral again. but is i
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for the latest news, turn to abc 7 morning news. attention k-mart shoppers, the store's latest cheeky ad is out. it's new potty mouth video is a sequel. reporter dan harris on whether this clever wordplay is translating into an increase in sales for this struggling retailer. >> oh, i hate these big gas prices. >> sounds like you could use some big gas savings. >> before you scramble to put earmuffs on your kids or call the fcc to complain, listen closely to this ad. they're actually saying big gas prices and big gas savings. >> k-mart shoppers save 30 cents a gallon. >> that's a big gas discount. >> that's a really big gas discount. >> this solves your big gas problem. >> dad, look at that big gas
9:48 pm
truck. >> big gas man. >> while it may sound like the kind of running joke you'd hear at a frat party, this is a new commercial from the family friendly of american brands, k-mart. the company promoting a new deal. 30 cents off every gallon of gas when you spend $50 for more in one of its stores. the ad posted on you-tube on track to possibly achieve the same kind of virality of this semi profane. >> i can ship my pants for free. >> i may ship my pants. >> billy, you can ship your pants. >> i can't wait to ship my pants, dad. >> it promotes free shipping policy racked up 17 million hits on you-tube before it made its way to cable tv. these risque ads are not, however, helping the company's bottom line. >> i just shipped my bed. >> earnings report show the retailer is down 4.6% this quarter. >> sales are down. but it was only a month ago that the ship my pants campaign came
9:49 pm
out. and you know, we have to give it time. >> an iconic brand banking on potty humor to pull its sales out of the toilet. >> honey, this solves your big gas problem. >> dan harris, abc news, new york. i want to go on record, we're all too mature and sophisticated here to chuckle that at sort of humor. would never happen, isn't that right, spencer? >> speak for yourself. i was aghast at the whole thing. live doppler. breezy and cool conditions around the bay area tonight. tomorrow, statewide, a mainly sunny and pleasantly mild day for most of the state. maybe showery in eureka. highs of 83 in chico. 86 at fresno. 76 at yosemite. cool 69 at l.a. a warm 94 in palm springs. here in the bay area, we may see clouds in the early morning hours. afternoon, sunny describes and milder than today, especially in the inland areas where highs
9:50 pm
move up into the mid to upper 70s. 50s on coast. here is the accuweather seven day forecast. more clouds on sunday and cloudy with actually a chance of rain on monday. memorial day doesn't look like an all-day event. we'll start to clear out and warm up later in the week. by next friday, up to 80 degrees in the inland locations. >> back up to normal? >> wtever th is these days. >> thank you, spencer, very much. larry beal, sports director is here. another gentleman, far too sophisticated to laugh at that. >> i'm kind of a pbs guy. >> i am high brow. >> downtown abby kind of guy, whatever it is. >> he's hitting under .200 but feels good however. "downton abbey." >> whatever. >> too sophisticated. x
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coming up tonight at 11:00, the upscale jeans store that's suddenly a target for thieves. they're getting away with jeans at $400 a pair if you can bheef it. the bay area that could require home own toers go green. the new rules that may be put into place. that story as well on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. don't let this mess with you for a moment. for a while, you'll feel like you're watching masterpiece theater. larry behl is here. >> i'd aim a little lower than that. you can go home again. chris young did it in heroic fashion. the a's grew up in houston. with family and friends here, he won it for oakland. the joy of cotton candy. get your hands off. it's mine. a's enjoying a lead. there's a drill off malone.
9:55 pm
solo blast. a 2-1 game. j.d. martinez, three-run bomb, his fifth of the year. malone goes seven innings. allowed just the five runs. 5-2 astros. top nine, chris young, hero or zero? hero. three-run homer off of jose veras. they're 7-0 this season against the astros. tim i time. not a good time for the giants tomorrow. tim lincecum was blasted in colorado. struggled against the rockies at home tonight. the ufo is back with the lights on. we've got to find out anybody that knows who that guy is, tweet me or facebook me or instagram or get ahold of me. michael cuddyer -- as we say on downtown abby, hip hip, cheerio. it was cuddyer again. timmy, with seven innings gave up four runs on seven hits.
9:56 pm
look, nolan on -- in support of tyler chat wood. great play at third to rob blanco. the rockies win by a score of 5-0. one of the perplexing frustrating things about the sharks is that some of their biggest games historically, they come out w low it's happened ag. has them on the brink of the elimination of the playoffs. the season could be over. heading into game 6 sunday in san jose, the numbers not encouraging. 4 of 14 all-time in game 6 playoffs. the kings, they're just hungrier last night. they wanted it more. they have jonathan quick. up three games to two. leaving todd mcclellan to won fehr if he needs to shake up his lineup. >> it was the weakest effort we had. we didn't have our legs, we didn't execute. some of that had to do with l.a. a lot of that had to do with san jose. we bring our energy and our energy level back to where it needs to be, maybe we don't have
9:57 pm
to mix the lines up. >> we're in a must-win. but you can't -- we'll go over our adjustments. i don't know. >> nhl action tonight. penguins and senators, pittsburgh the first to advance to the conference finals. james neal. six goals in the playoffs this year. nice move there. penguins win 6-2. they'll face either boston or the new york rangers in the next round. nba, heat and pacers, game 2. south beach. spencer is paying a teng. lebron james had 36 points and key turnovers. great play by lance stephenson, the acrobatic layup. look at the authority. chris anderson, have some. 22 for george and the pacers even the series up 97-93. golf, second round. crown plaza invitational. darkness suspended play with
9:58 pm
golfers still out on the course. zach johnson, one of those players. wait for it, wait for it. wait for t-bird i putt on one. he's four back. again, six under. matt kucher will finish his last three holes tomorrow. pitching from 53 yards out. taps in for birdie. 74th senior pga championship in st. louis. shot five under 66. cochran approach on ten here. roll it up to within three feet. cochran and perry tied at 7 under heading to the weekend. this sunday is the 97th running of the indy 500. if it ends like today's firestone freedom 100, it will be the greatest finish ever. it was the closest finish in the history of indianapolis motor speedway. the cars three wide. dan and spencer both picked car number 2 to win this race. you know what's amazing, here
9:59 pm
again at 9:00 they still think car number 2 is going to win. >> it's inevitable. it's like -- look on the outside. it's car number 4. peter dempsey. his first career win by .002 of a second. >> fooled me once, shame on -- >> back on the sharks. we have seen that happen before where inexplicably they're sort of sync it seems like. it doesn't make a lot of sense. this is the playoffs. you can't have a letdown when you're playing for your playoff lives. it doesn't -- but it's happened repeatedly. it's a symptom of the club. >> thanks very much. thanks larry, very much. that is our report. i was going to make a downtown abby joke. abby joke. i'm dan
10:00 pm
dennis: oh, it's just so doggone thin. sweet dee: oh, it's incredibly thin. yeah, it's thin, sure, but i got to say, i don't care for it. charlie, the thinner the tv, the better the tv. i mean, that's just a straight-up fact. guys, guys, guys! check it out. we got a review in the paper. no way! is it a good review?


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